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Pictures and Videos from Del Mar 8-24-07!

I got my pictures uploaded!

Either click here:

...or look under the LJ cut to see the rest (if you go to the Photobucket, you'll be able to see my little bits of commentary on the night above some pictures, and if you go to the LJ cut, you'll get clickable thumbnails that may take a while to load)

AUGUST 24th, 2007
Del Mar Racetracks
San Diego, CA

And I've got videos too!


Young Folks

Crystal Villiage

For Nancy (Cos It Already Is)

On Your Side

Don't Mean Nothin'

Or just check my YouTube here:

Someone else posted some good videos (with better sound) from the show here too:

Hope you enjoy all of that, and if you happen to want bigger versions of any pictures, just let me know =)
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