Melissa Louise the Emo Seal (goldrimisnanswr) wrote in peteyorn,
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It's clear to me you're like the oceans and the light...

I met Pete Yorn for the third time today =D

Good, good times...

Haha, anyways, I have a million pictures and a couple of videos to upload, and I'll probably have them up to share with you all by tomorrow =D
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As soon as I walked in and saw him I realized that I forgot my camera.

That happened to me the first time I met him and I wanted to dieeee...
oh yay!
i <3 him. he is the nicest guy.
He really is =)
ha i met him at lollapalooza and could barely talk. i am not the kinda girl who gets starstruck but i was just a total dope when i met py. hopefully i'll get a second and third chance to meet him too! :)
Haha, yeah, my first time meeting him was just me saying "Can you sign this?" a million times, I made a complete ass of myself...second time I told myself I wasn't going to say any more than I had to, then he asked me a couple things and suddenly I was making an ass of myself again...and this time...well, this time I couldn't find my pen for like three minutes and THAT made me look like an ass...haha, but he's always been incredibly nice, and that's the really important part =) I hope you do get to meet him again!
i love that man.
Meeeee too.
Aw he's so lovely.
Mmmhm =)